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EGO Vehicles, Inc.

Client: EGO Vehicles, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 72827
City: Providence State: Rhode Island Zip: 02907 Country: USA
Phone: 401-461-2108   Fax: 208-485-4625 Toll Free:
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Website: EGO Vehicles, Inc.
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Description: The eGo Vehicle was delivered to my office and I was immediately surprised at the quality of the machine. This is a big beefy bike but unlike anything I have ever seen. The construction is more aircraft like with the use of machine turned aluminum, heavy TIG wielding, expensive gages, dual headlights, and a big tail light. Everything is oversized and works perfectly. In fact the eGo vehicle is a symphony of design and function.

Taking a ride: The eGo was fully charged when delivered so I was anxious to take a spin I sat down on the comfortable seat and looked over the controls and accessed the machine. Twist motorcycle style throttle on the right handlebar. On the center section there are two rocker switches, one for speed selection and another for the lights. There is also a power gage and a key switch. The key makes sense on this expensive machine. Dual hand controls for the front and rear caliper brakes. A very nice old fashion bell, just like the one I had on my Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle, when I was a kid. The eGo has a large serviceable rear view mirror. Attached to the seat post, the power plug is there for the on-board charger. The drive belt disappears into the center section where the batteries and motor are housed, well out of the way of standing water and rain. The bottom of the center section acts as a skid plate. There is nothing hanging down to get caught on curbs am because itís aluminum no paint to get scratched.

Taking a ride: I turned the key and twisted the throttle. There was a momentary hesitation and the eGo took off with head snapping acceleration and accelerated up to the published speed of 20 mph so fast I was holding on. The wind was blowing about 25 mph and I made runs upwind and downwind. Most scooters are affected by the wind. The eGo seemed not to notice. I then attacked the dreaded fifteen-degree parking garage ramp that has been the undoing of many electric scooters. The eGo did not hesitate for a moment and charged up the ramp with my 210 pounds aboard. This is a super hill climber and I would say the best yet. As I turned around, and went down the ramp, I notched the regenerative braking that slows the vehicle down and also captures energy for recharging the battery. Itís not perpetual motion but uses the braking energy of the machine positively. I never really had to use the brakes while underway.

Handling is absolutely superb and the eGo feels as light as a feather in the turns. The seat has a shock absorber built into the post so bumps were not a problem. In fact I was hard pressed to stop riding this marvelous machine, rode for another twenty-minutes and reluctantly went back to the office.

Conclusion: The eGo is absolutely the best electric powered vehicle I have tested or used...ever! I keep referring to electric scooters in the review. There is no comparison between any electric scooter made and the eGo. Scooters are simply not in the same class. I can only say, if you want the best and need real electric transportation or just want to have a blast. Buy the eGo! 

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