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Kangaroo Nevada Company

Client: Kangaroo Nevada Company
Address: 111 Kangaroo Drive
City: Columbus State: North Carolina Zip: 28722-0607 Country: USA
Phone: 828-894-2718   Fax: 828- 894-8241 Toll Free: 800-438-3011
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Website: Kangaroo Nevada Company
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Description: Why Kangaroo?

During his career overseas, Bill Ganskopp had lived many places where he always played golf with a caddie. One of his favorites was Australia. One night, when he was trying to think up what to call his invention, the name hit him! Why not call it a Kangaroo? Like the mother that carries the young in her pouch, his "mascot" toted his golf clubs lightly and quietly around the turf. And so it came to be, that 30 years ago his new product acquired the distinctive name which golfers know today—as the world's finest name in motorcaddies.

And a fine reputation it is. Even our later competitors acknowledge that Kangaroo makes the finest motorcaddies available anywhere on the market. Kangaroo remains the standard of excellence—in engineering, in design, in quality and durability of materials and workmanship.

Best Value…

And that's why a quality Kangaroo motorcaddie is truly your best value. It serves you well. It lasts a long time. And if you ever decide to sell it to someone else, Kangaroo's durability gets you a good resale price. It's not unusual for your Kangaroo (unlike cheap low-quality electric caddies) to keep on running 10 years or longer, faithfully and sure around long and hilly golf courses.

Some people suppose the price of such quality is unaffordable compared to a pullcart or a low-priced motorcaddie. But when you analyze the situation, you see right away that owning a Kangaroo actually costs you just $2 per round…and that's a whole lot cheaper than riding a cart, or hiring a caddie!

Besides being economical, you get other very worthwhile benefits…

Seriously consider how they'll help your game too:

1. The Right Club. Your Kangaroo travels right with you, straight to your own ball…

Even in wet weather, it's so lightweight you can travel right down the fairway with your clubs by your side. So you always have the correct club for your next shot. (Kangaroos have wide tires that are kind to the turf. In fact, the weight per square inch—loaded with a heavy golf bag—is less than a golfer's own foot.)

2. A Sense of Terrain. Without dragging a pullcart or being burdened by a carry bag, you feel a sense of freedom. It's a lot like I feel when I have the chance to hire a caddie!

You feel the elements around you that affect your play. The roll of the fairway. The condition of the turf. The wind. And with a Kangaroo carrying your bag effortlessly, even up the steepest hills, you find yourself really enjoying the beauty of the course!

3. The Mental Advantage. Now, you're free to concentrate on your game…

Nothing improves your score like concentration. You don't think about your bag. You don't think about your playing partners. You just play golf. As you approach your ball's landing spot, you're sizing up your next shot. You're mentally prepared to hit. You play at a good pace, without feeling rushed, or without struggling to keep up. An amazing number of Kangaroo customers have testified that their scores start to improve, once they start using a motorcaddie on a regular basis. On the same course, with the same clubs. The reason is common sense. It's the result of the freedom you get with a Kangaroo to focus on improving your game—like our founder Bill Ganskopp did.

4. The Warm Body Advantage. You're free and untethered to anything. But you still get the key benefit any walking golfer has—the warm body advantage…

Walking increases circulation and keeps your body limber. Which in turn helps avoid muscle strain. You develop a smoother, more relaxed swing. You start to get better tempo and rhythm in your round. And with a Kangaroo you'll find you feel better at the end of your round than you've ever felt after a round of carrying or pulling. Playing better without the fatigue that drags down your score. "It's like a walk in the park."

5. The Health Advantage. Walking is great for your health, and it burns calories.

But with a Kangaroo, walking is even better. No unnecessary strain on your back. Hips. Knees. No more pain from walking. Just healthy walking exercise. No distorted gait…often created by trying to walk with one arm behind you pulling. No carrying on your shoulder›which seems OK for a few holes, but drags you down insidiously on those last few holes. It's no wonder so many doctors have told their patients about motorcaddies—and why so many doctors use Kangaroos themselves!

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