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Golf Mobility

Client: Golf Mobility
Address: P.O Box 1110
City: 1270 Bc State: Huizen Zip: KvK 66997 Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 35 526 1405   Fax: +31 35 526 1184 Toll Free:
Email: Click here to send email
Website: Golf Mobility
Location: Map not available
Description: GolfMobility's golfscooters can be seen all over Europe. During 1999 GolfMobility did provide golfscooters for some major golfevents enabling physically challenged golfplayers to take part in the championship competition.
For the year 2000 GolfMobility will most likely again, make a number of golfscooters available for these type of golf-events.

The GM golfcaddys can be used by all golfplayers who want to move easily and relaxed over the golfcourses.

Based on the highest quality requirements and strong performance desires from the golfplayers, GolfMobility offers a guarantee period of 12 months including batteries and charger.

The GM Eagle has been designed for those players who want to challenge their golfcaddy even more. The GM Eagle can be equipped with 86Ah or even 97Ah batteries, which does give a much longer drivingrange with one battery-load: up to 50 kilometers.
The GM Eagle does have an extra storage in the backpart and can be equipped with a lokable case in which the charger can be built in.

A real joy to drive it, since there is no noise and it does bring you where ever you want to go, how long the fairways are.

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