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Global Electric Motorcars LLC

Client: Global Electric Motorcars LLC
Address: 3601 7th Ave. Nw
City: Fargo State: North Dakota Zip: 58102 Country: USA
Phone: 701-232-2500   Fax: 701-232-0600 Toll Free: 800-988-4737
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Website: Global Electric Motorcars LLC
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Description: Global Electric Motorcars, LLC of Fargo, North Dakota is recognized as the leader in the manufacturing of Low Speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles in the world. GEM has produced more than 7000 vehicles since it's beginning in 1998.

GEM's success can be traced to its simple philosophy of "Listening to the Customer." This philosophy resulted in developing a family of vehicles consisting of passenger and utility vehicles, which has created a diverse market in both commercial and residential segments.

The GEM vehicle was originally launched in 1992 by a group of former General Motors Engineers in Livonia, Michigan. Mike Hofer, a North Dakota Businessman assembled a group of investors, purchased and moved the company to Fargo, ND in December, 1997.

In April of 1998, the factory produced its first vehicle, a 2-passenger 48-volt vehicle with a top speed of 20 mph.

On June 17, 1998 a major breakthrough occurred in the NEV market as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created a new class of motor vehicle, the Low-Speed / Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). This new category of motor vehicles has catapulted GEM into the forefront of alternative transportation. The GEM offers safe transportation while addressing the significant issues facing our planet today, from urban sprawl to air pollution.

NHTSA requirements to qualify as a low-speed vehicle are that the vehicle must be equipped with automotive safety glass windshield, turn signals, mirrors, wiper blades, head and tail lights, and seatbelts.

November of 1998 was the introduction of the utility vehicle and in December of 1998, the first four passenger NEV was introduced.

1998 saw the production of 480 vehicles. By June of 1999, monthly production had reached over 100 per month with total production in 1999 being 1826 vehicles. June of 2000 saw production reach 500 vehicles per month with a total production for the year of over 5000 vehicles.

On December 1st, 2000, Global Electric Motorcars, LLC was acquired by DaimlerChrysler and became a wholly owned subsidiary of that corporation. This acquisition made it possible to offer our vehicles through Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealerships.

Currently, 37 states have passed legislation accepting the National Highway and Safety Administrations ruling on Low Speed Vehicles, allowing vehicles to be driven on roads that are posted at 35 miles per hour or less. The NEV has a maximum allowable speed of 25 mph.

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC is committed to maintaining its leadership position within this exciting new market through improvements, innovation and new product offerings. GEM vehicles are currently the only vehicles in production that have been extensively tested by the National Highway and Safety Administration for compliance to their standard. GEM works very closely with NHTSA in establishing a high standard of safety for the industry. 

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