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Alpine Products

Client: Alpine Products
Address: 2263 E. Sego Lily Drive
City: Sandy State: Utah Zip: 84092 Country: USA
Phone: 801-520-5570   Fax: 801-943-2829 Toll Free:
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Website: Alpine Products
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Description: This kit is a proven system that provides everything necessary to restore the black rubber and plastic on an average cart with some left over for touch-ups. TUF Coat Cleaner/Prep is a powerful but gentle cleaner that is required for preparing the surfaces prior to applying the finishes. Any previous coatings, especially those containing silicone, MUST be removed. Once clean, applying TUF Coat Black Restore will revitalize faded and oxidized black and gray panels, cup holders, floorboards, tires, etc. TUF Coat Clear Coat is the final step in the system that provides additional shine and UV protection to the plastic and rubber previously coated with the Black Restore.

This revolutionary clear coat will add depth and beauty to many surfaces that are exposed to the elements. It provides an excellent topcoat on golf cart seat cushions and is a highly flexible product which, when applied properly, will not crack or peel. These water-based products dry quickly, leave no oily residue, and contain no silicone or solvents that can be harmful to some plastics and rubber. Once cured, the coated areas will withstand repeated high-pressure washings, and dirt will release easier from the surfaces.

Use the remarkable Scrub-All sponge to effectively clean seat cushions. Thousands of fibers clean textured surfaces without scratching. Use the durable Applicator Sponge to apply the coatings.

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