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Green Company Srl

Client: Green Company Srl
Address: Via Carso 18
City: 10141 State: Torino Zip: N/A Country: Italy
Phone: 39 011 337171   Fax: 39011 3854979 Toll Free:
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Website: Green Company Srl
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Description: Melex was founded over 25 years ago as a producer of electric powered vehicles. In the early years, the cars produced were mainly sold to and used at golf courses in the United States.

In recent years the market and customers have created numerous new uses for golf car "type" vehicles. To keep up with this demand, Melex has introduced many utility vehicles for light industrial use and convenient transportation. These vehicles are sold all over the world.

Melex offers cost effective and durable vehicles which are excellent alternatives to those produced by the competition.

Below we introduce basic variations and their applications:

Main Variations are:

'Melex' golf cars
'Melex' passenger cars
'Melex' cargo trucks
'Melex' special vehicles
'Melex' cars are designed to:
golf course transportation
transport of persons
transport of luggage
recreation areas transportation
serve as a moving sales office
serve as a special transportation  

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