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Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz Sp.J.

Client: Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz Sp.J.
Address: Wojska Polskiego 3
City: Mielec State: Podkarpackie Zip: 39-300 Country: Poland
Phone: +48 17 773 81 00   Fax: +48 17 773 81 01 Toll Free: none
Email: Click here to send email
Website: Melex A&D Tyszkiewicz Sp.J.
Location: Map not available
Description: Melex Vehicle Production Plant Co. Ltd. (MVPP) was established on April 1st, 1993, however Melex golf car has been originally designed at PZL-MIELEC, a Transport Equipment Factory (the biggest Polish aircraft manufacturer) way back in 1971, and production of the vehicles has started soon after. Originally Melex cars were destined for the golf courses in the United States of America but later on lots of new ideas were developed in close cooperation with Melex distributors for specific markets, so that the total number of the Melex cars sold all over the world crossed the figure of 200,000 units.

Currently, the Company is the 4th largest manufacturer of the electric vehicles in the world. In 2004 the Company was bought by Mr. Andrzej and Dorota Tyszkiewicz,in 2005 the Owners purchased a castle and park estate in Przeclaw, where an international conference centre is presently being under construction.The Melex brand is well-known for top quality products, and at the end of 2005 went successfully through final quality audit and got accreditted with Integrated Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, PN-N-18001:2004).
A Melex vehicle is an intelligent technological solution that is safe, provides adventages in business (70 km per 1 EUR, keeps the environment clean. The vehicles are equipped with dual circuit hydraulic brakes and a SEPEX energy recycling system that improves its operational quality. The vehicles are easy to use, and driving lesson takes just a few minutes. Some of vehicle models are certified and approved for public roads in the EU.
The essential factor leading to the company's growth is its innovative character. This is the reason why Melex, in order to meet Customer's needs, is continuously expanding its product range entering the market with new and better designs. The quality product, excellent distribution network and professional technical services assure profitable investments. The company offers a wide range of vehicle designs that can, in brief, be divided between : golf (for use in golf courses, clubs, etc), passenger transport vehicles (to be used in health resorts, nature parks, agricultural farms, tourism centers, recreational facilities), cargo vehicles (to serve in warehouses, logistic facilities, production plants, airports, hotels, botanical gardens, zoos, may be equipped with a cabin or canopy), special vehicles (XTR and XTR plus - for all terrain service, with special tread tyres, high suspension and 450 kg cargo platform, Hearse - for funerals, with canopy and wreath handles, Ambulance - with stretcher for use in medical facilities and stadiums.
Through the years our vehicles have proved to be useful to our customers as well in golf car fleets as on the niche markets. Our cars are being used in numerous applications for tourism, recreation, community and municipal services and industry. Hotels, holiday villages, resorts, theme parks and gardens, camping sites, airports, campuses, nurseries, shopping centers, police, hospitals, railway stations, sport facilities, exhibition centers, public parking lots, cemeteries, warehouses, public storage, apartment complexes and "gated" communities, street garbage collection services, mail and press distribution, are on the long list of our customers operating Melex vehicles to improve their services given to their clients.

Main advantages of Melex vehicles are:
Power - efficiency, low operating costs, simple maintenance and servicing, easy battery charging, fluent silent driving, agility, environment friendliness, competitive price. 

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